Korean hemorrhagic fever

Korean hemorrhagic fever
An acute infection caused by a virus that produces varying degrees of hemorrhage, shock, and sometimes death.

Microbiology. . 2009.

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  • Korean hemorrhagic fever — n a hemorrhagic fever that is endemic to Asia and esp. Korea, Manchuria, and Siberia, is caused by the Hantaan virus, and is characterized by acute renal failure in addition to the usual symptoms of the hemorrhagic fevers called also epidemic… …   Medical dictionary

  • korean hemorrhagic fever — noun Usage: usually capitalized K : a hemorrhagic fever that is endemic to Asia, is caused by the hantaan virus, and is characterized by acute renal failure in addition to the usual symptoms of the hemorrhagic fevers …   Useful english dictionary

  • hemorrhagic fever — n any of a diverse group of virus diseases (as Korean hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever, and Ebola) that are usu. transmitted to humans by arthropods or rodents and are characterized by a sudden onset, fever, aching, bleeding in the internal organs… …   Medical dictionary

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  • Koreanhemorrhagic fever — Korean hemorrhagic fever n. See epidemic hemorrhagic fever. * * * …   Universalium

  • epidemichemorrhagic fever — epidemic hemorrhagic fever n. A form of hemorrhagic fever endemic to northeastern Asia that is caused by a hantavirus and characterized in its later stages by hemorrhage, shock, and kidney failure. Also called Korean hemorrhagic fever. * * * …   Universalium

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